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What is Cross-Cultural Awareness?

My master's thesis* in Social Work was written in 1993 on the subject of ethnic and culturally sensitive practice, way before the subject became popular in Israel. A Therapist need be aware and have knowledge of his patient's cultural background and not be judgmental in order to provide appropriate treatment. I learned the importance of cross-cultural awareness first hand when I began working in the development towns and villages in southern Israel as a starting social worker, working with Ethiopian immigrants as well as religious and ultra-orthodox clients. I wrote about my experiences with the Ethiopian community in an article** published in 1989.


Greenwald, Baruch, The Influence of Ethnic-Cultural Sensitivities of Rehabilitation Counselors on Treatment Process and Outcome,  M.A. Thesis, Paul Baerwald School of Social Work, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1993. 

** Greenwald, Baruch. "Religious and Cultural Change: A Case Study of an Ethiopian Jewish Priest." Journal of Jewish Communal Service. Fall 1989: 92-96.

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